From an early age, I have been a healing influence in people’s lives. I have often been able to ‘know’ what to say and how to help guide people through their life challenges. It has been natural and instinctive to me.

However, in response to various traumatic events during childhood and my early adult life, I became quite sick emotionally and physically. I found myself in depression, anxiety, and consumed with self-loathing and self-hate. My mind was filled with negative thought patterns, and I was in a constant state of high emotional charge. I really didn’t care if I lived or died…

As a way to cope, I sought to control my suffering and feelings through alcohol, diet pills, and a food disorder. Then, following the death of both parents during my 20’s I came to Hong Kong in 1996, which was the catalyst to go deep into all that pain and suffering that I had suppressed for so long. It was the start of my own transformation and healing journey…

The right people came into my life at the right time, and I was drawn to various healing modalities and received training in different healing techniques.

However, around the year 2000 however I started to ‘download’ and channel healing symbols & energies that I later discovered formed part of an ancient system of healing, that I am here to share with others. (More here:

As a mentor, teacher, healer and guide, I now draw upon my own life experiences and assist many clients from all walks of life in Hong Kong and around the world. It is an honour and privilege to share the wisdom, tools and effective solutions that I have discovered over 25 years in the field of healing, empowerment and spirituality.

I am passionate about helping others to empower themselves; it’s a soul purpose that lights me up and nourishes me deeply. My services include private sessions, classes, programs and workshops on a range of topics, including:

  • Meditation and mindfulness-based workshops for adults and children/teens, specialised Mother/Parent & Child classes, and the highly popular and successful Empowerment DayFest programs for children, teens, mum & child and women.
  • Schools and Corporations – various mindfulness and empowerment classes to activate optimal performance, enhance well-being and create success.
  • Entrepreneurs and business personnel consultations for business and work-related matters, cultivating work-life balance and overcoming personal challenges.
  • Guiding people worldwide to heal, empower, connect to their core Self- Essence and create a more fulfilling life of joy, love and abundance. Through a non-judgemental accepting space people feel safe, heard and understood. I share a wealth of understanding and compassionate wisdom, to help transform even the deepest fears and challenges into your greatest opportunity for growth and healing.
  • Women’s Retreats to guide and empower women to their deeper essence, intuition, empowerment and full potential.

As a well-known and sought after healer, my work has been featured in the media and I have shared it in Hong Kong, UK, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, USA, Europe, Australia and other places internationally.

In 2018 I was awarded as one of Hong Kong’s Women Leaders in the field of healing and empowerment. In both 2021 and in 2022 I was awarded as a Women of Wellness; and 2022 one of the winners in the Best Alternative Healer category in Liv Media’s Wellness & Lifestyle Awards.

I am the author of “Tools and Tricks for Tweens & Teens” empowerment  & meditation workbook (2021), plus a co-author of the No. 1 Amazon bestsellers: “Shaken, Stirred But Not Deterred” (2022) and “My Voice Vol 3: Journeys of Self Discovery and Resilience (2021) through Global Influencers Publishing House,

In 2021 I also created The Empowerment School platform for kids & teens, as an “education for the soul”. More here:

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Our world and your life is changing, and so are you… you are moving towards greater self-discovery, mastery, and empowerment on many levels. Now is the time to inspire yourself to be all you can be – whether personally, spiritually or professionally – and to magnetise joy, love and success in every aspect of life.

Step into who you are becoming, and Live Your Magnificence! Then we will change the world.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Michelle Harris

Live Your Magnificence

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