Whether to enhance work/life balance, implement healthy habits, shift to positive-mindsets and attitudes, combat anxiety, reduce stress, optimize performance, motivation and morale – or simply to feel better.

In today’s turbulent world more and more people worldwide are implementing well-being programs and tools into the workplace and into their lives.

These programs aim to enhance any existing programs or to introduce some new health and well-being practices that serve the heart of the company, whilst also maintaining the integrity and values of the business and its operations.

Corporate Wellness Programs

It is recognised that employees perform their best when they are healthy, contributing to optimal employee and overall company performance. The Corporate Wellness Promotion Programs offered aim to improve employee health and well-being that benefits them on multi-levels. The programs cover:

  • Corporate meditation, mindfulness and relaxation skills training
  • Specialised focus classes
  • Self-enhancement sessions

1. Corporate Meditation, Mindfulness & Relaxation Skills Training

Meditation in the workplace has been shown to produce benefits for both companies and their employees.

Many studies are now showing the benefits of workplace meditation to reduce feelings of stress, help with anxiety, improve sleep, build resilience, enhance performance and positivity; as well as for overall health and well-being. Leading companies are recognising the essential benefits, and are now incorporating meditation and mindfulness practises as part of their corporate vision.

Workplace meditation aims to teach your staff new skills, tools and techniques.

The proposed meditation sessions can be customised to suit the needs and potentials of your company.

For example:

a) A one-off practical meditation, mindfulness and relaxation class to introduce techniques and teach some tools which can be easily integrated into daily life. For example simple stress management tips, ways to balance and focus, overall well-being, etc

b) Regular ongoing sessions or training that aims to promote relaxation, reduce tension and anxiety, manage stress, build resiliency, develop awareness etc. This program can incorporate tools as appropriate to the needs of the group, for longer-term benefit. Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or even monthly to develop sustained benefits. This is a structured meditation and relaxation skills program over 8 or 12 weeks/sessions, equipping staff with knowledge and tools for the longer term.

2. Specialised Focus Workshops

These are stand-alone workshops, or may be incorporated into a fuller, customised Corporate Wellness Program. They focus on specific elements, for example: Inter-personal Energy Dynamics & Relationships, Positive Mindsets, Effective Communication, Emotional Management, etc.

3. Self-Enhancement / Best Core Self Sessions

Usually these would be private/individual consultations for implementing strategies and solutions to create a more balanced, stress-free and health-focused life. It can incorporate simple, practical, tools to help in any area of life – from business to personal aspects. The aim is to reach and optimize your full potential, for being and living your ‘Best Core Self’. Sessions can be on-site in the office or at our Central location.

Business Energy Empowerment Sessions

For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Create success, and empower yourself and your company through optimizing your energy, having clear focused intentions, and aligning to the heart of you and your business.


“I cannot believe how much better I feel after seeing you yesterday. I came feeling heavy with burdens and left feeling ready to get back to work with renewed purpose and motivation.”

Mother and Entrepreneur, HK

“Thanks Michelle! This is amazing, since I have been working with you, my biggest challenge at work is gone and I am moving to a new house!”

W. Chan, Director, Multinational company

“Hi Michelle, thank you so much for sharing with us on how to relax. I got some feedback from the participants and they really love it!”

Sun Life Financial Asia

“The workshop was a useful reminder to focus on oneself, with simple and easy tips to find moments of peace throughout the day.”

EY, Sun Life Financial Asia

“Michelle did a workshop in our company. It is our first meditation session held in our office and we had a full house. There was a huge interest in our group, and Michelle helped each of us to learn how to relax and manage stress at work. Wonderful experience and we are hoping to continue in the longer run as it is so beneficial to us in today’s busy life!”

Fanny Chan, Director of Brand and Marketing, Sun Life Financial Asia

“I originally went to Michelle for a personal healing session but now visit her on a scheduled basis as my energy-business coach / healer. Everyone should have a Michelle :). The more work that I do within me on abundance, harmony, love – the more my life changes and … so does my business. As a Leader, I am the emotional barometer of the firm so me being optimistic, enthusiastic and passionate unlocks my team’s potentials in so many ways. Happiness is infectious. I love it! Thank you Michelle.”

Mum & Entrepreneur, HK

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