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Michelle shares a few words with Women Entrepreneurs HK, here:

Michelle talks with Noreen Mir on RTHK Radio 3 123 show about her healing & self empowerment journey, here:

Michelle wrote an article for Sassy Mama on 10 Practical Tips To Improve Your Mental Health, here:

Michelle was invited to be a guest writer for Brainz Magazine. Check out her article about motherhood here:

Our beliefs have a huge impact on how we see ourselves and our world. Luisa Tam of the SCMP interviewed Michelle about beliefs in relationships, here:

Michelle talks to the SCMP about accepting your shadow self to help keep the love alive in your relationship.

The healing symbols Michelle uses in sessions are based on Sacred Geometry. Here is her interview with Destination Deluxe to shed some light on how it can help.

More here:

The SCMP interviewed Michelle about creating healthy habits in relationships. Here are some tips for making your relationship stronger:

Michelle was interviewed by travel & wellness publication Deluxe Destination about crystals and crystal healing, here:

Michelle writes about Emotional Healing in Beyond the Boundaries Magazine, here:

Michelle talks about the concept of twin flames in relationships, and how they can offer great insight into ourselves as individuals, as well as empower us to a greater spiritual purpose in partnership:-

Michelle shares about the impact of childhood trauma on relationships and ways to help a partner in the SCMP Newspaper (27th October).
“How to deal with childhood trauma and build better relationships”, here:-

Michelle was featured in the SCMP Newspaper in an article about the Empowerment Dayfests. Online version here:

PDF of the article is available from here: media_05

Michelle was featured  in The Asian Entrepreneur – as part of their interview series with leaders in Asia.

With best-selling author Callum Laing. Check out the interview, here: michelle-harris-founder-of-pure-potential/

Michelle talks about the Women’s Empowerment Dayfest event on RTHK Radio, here: programme/saturday_squad

(scroll down to the section Women’s Empowerment Dayfest)

Michelle appeared on Hong Kong Confidential:

RTHK interview Michelle did with Noreen Mir on the 123 Show about crystals and crystal healing:

Michelle Harris talks about crystal healing

Posted by Noreen Mir on RTHK Radio 3 on Tuesday, 24 April 2018

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