For children and teens of all ages:

  • Meditation, mindfulness and self-expression classes
  • Empowerment sessions, crystal therapy, intuitive counseling
  • Kids Empowerment events and programs

Teens & Tweens Empowerment 6 week program:

A 6 week program for tweens and teens, to help them navigate life’s challenges, create positive mindsets, deal with emotions and embrace their potential.

This is a meditation and mindfulness-based program led by Michelle.

Suggested for 11-14 year-olds. Other ages also available.

This can be a private one-one-one, or with a group of friends, or group program designed for schools.

For parents, educators, or carers of children and teens:

  • Motherhood/adult private consultations (see Adult section)
  • Children’s meditation/mindfulness training
  • Specialised empowerment classes and Kids/Teens DayFest* program
  • Mum and Child Meditation classes

For Schools:

Wellness programs including meditation, mindfulness and specialised empowerment classes or programs, to include the Kids Empowerment DayFest* program.

*Kids and Teens Empowerment DayFest:

Age 8 to 12 years, and Tweens/Teens age 10-14 years.

A 1-day event that empowers children and teens through creativity, expression, cooking, nature, art, yoga, mindfulness and more.

It features a variety of fun classes that inspire healthy living, connection, well-being, positive mindsets, empowerment and the freedom to be.

Also check out The Empowerment School platform, at:

Some feedback from the parents, teachers and children

“My 8 year old daughter participated the meditation class with Michelle. She felt relaxed afterwards. I noticed the way she plays piano is more confident, expressive and powerful. She wants to join again!”

“Learning mindfulness and meditation can help students to be more centered, less anxious, and more productive and happy in their school lives.”

An International School Principal in Hong Kong who watched Michelle teach a class of 10-year olds.

“M had a truly fantastic day!! He really loved all the activities and says he wants to do it again. Thank you for running such a fun, varied, educational and holistic programme. I’m so delighted that I found out about your course and that he was able to attend. He told Daddy and I all about it in detail- he particularly liked the yoga, the cooking and the crystals. Such a positive experience for him and he was so thrilled to tell us that he had made 3 new friends. Thank you!! I would highly recommend your course to others and please keep us on your mailing list for future courses.”

Gail, Mum to M.S age 11

“My kids enjoy Michelle’s meditation class and Michelle has helped immensely in private sessions with creating and encouraging energy shifts and helping me let go of what is no longer serving me, and opening me up to the ‘lessons’ (gifts of learning). We’ve covered a lot of territory in only a few sessions! Highly recommend.”

Melissa, Hong Kong

“Antonia had a great time and came back with insight and a new view of herself. She was thrilled to show us her learnings and share her recipes and essential oils. We are very impressed.”

Marcella, Mum to Antonia age 9

“Thanks so much for such a wonderful workshop. It was loved by All – even my 12 year old!”

Jess, Mum to 3 kids age 8, 10 & 12

“Thank you so so, so much for yesterday. Girls has an absolute ball and were so charged, it was contagious and wonderful. What an amazing gift you are providing for the kids. Every child should have this experience!”

Kirsten, Mum to Kitty age 9

Meditation and Mindfulness at German Swiss International School teaching their primary campus, as part of their Wellbeing Week.
8 sessions of around 50+ kids age 6-11 years joined to learn tools to help relax, calm and deal with emotions.

Feedback from the Children at GSIS School:
“I liked the class because I am normally not calm and frustrated… It made me feel centred and I felt joyful..”
“It made me feel calm and in the moment. I felt relaxed after the class. I liked how I did not worry after the lesson. Thank you!”
“t calmed me down and I let go of all the stress that I had collected. Thanks for coming to our school.”
“I liked that we had some very calm meditation and breathing activities. It made me feel ‘in the zone’ of happiness and mindfulness.”
“I loved the fact that it taught me meditation skills that could help me sleep. It was AMAZIMG!”
“I liked how we just got to relax and it made me feel happy and joyful. It was very helpful..”
“It helped me calm down. I really enjoyed. I hope I get the chance to do it again..”
“I could calm down after all the stress and I felt happy that I could do this. I really liked to just relax and let all my problems just float away..”
“I liked it because it was very calming and peaceful and cleared out all the negative thoughts in my mind. I would definitely do this again!”
“I learnt how to clear my mind and have a fresh start. Now by meditating, I can release stress and anxiety I have.”
“We got to relax. It made me feel empty and fresh. I wish it could be longer..”
“Relax…made my brain re-focus…It was very good.”
“It made me feel calm and nice. It refreshed my mind and made me forget about my worries.. I like your stones and glitter jars.”
“I liked it because it calmed me down and {calm} all my emotions {that} were broken. It made me feel happy. It was a good exercise and I had never done before.”
“It made me feel super relaxed, and I could let go of all my worries. It was really fun. I liked the garden drawing part.”
“I liked it because it made me feel very calm and I had fun drawing. It was amazing and the teacher was very nice.”
“I liked how I made me relax, and I thought I was flying.”
“I felt peaceful, calm and relaxed… I loved how relaxed I became… I felt more peaceful than before. This was a great mindfulness lesson..”
“I liked how I left all my feelings “out” of myself…I felt excited and peaceful..”
“I loved the class because it made me so calm and relaxed. It made me forget about my anger, worries…Thank you so much!”
“I liked how we could get a grasp in ourself and I think I feel really relaxed after this..”
“I liked it when we did the breathing and the drawing. It calmed me down because I was nervous about my competition tournament tomorrow….Thanks for coming..”
“Relaxed, calm, it felt like I was communicating with my brain..”
“It made me feel calm and floating. The teacher was very mindful.”
“My brain feel so refreshed afterwards..”
“Calm. Rested. Peaceful. I felt better than I did before”
“I enjoyed it because it made me feel better about things I’m sad about. It was fun / relaxed.”
“I liked it because it helped me relax and imagine more… It was amazing. Hope you come again….”

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