Feedback From Clients

“Thank you for working with me over the last couple of months. I have been seeing healers for years for personal growth and development. I feel I came to you to shift some incredibly deep areas that have not been able to be shifted in the past (the timing is right). Since working with you, I have had some massive shifts and feel lighter and more focused because of it. Toxic relationships and associations have left, new boundaries have been established and new positive connections are forming. I am becoming more empowered each day. I am grateful for your help and highly recommend your services”.

Mother and entrepreneur, HK

“I wanted to say thank you. For your patience and kind flexibility. And for our beautiful sessions. I learned so much through and from them. Each one was powerful in shifting mindsets and energies. When we worked on my phobias and fears, of embracing and loving them each time, it gave me a whole new perspective on them. Something so powerful. Then our last session really profoundly shifted energies, I feel, which was simply amazing…”

Cocco, Bangkok

“Michelle was recommended to me by a friend, and after reading her website and a consultation I then signed up for her Empowerment / Mentorship program. This came when I was going through a very bad time in my life with confidence issues, personal development, and self acceptance. With the guidance of Michelle, she helped me clear the obstacles from my past that were blocking me and helped me to take charge of my life along with the enlightenment to grow and love myself.

Before being introduced to Michelle I would never have believed it was possible but I am a different person now, and this has been commented on by the people around me. I cannot thank her enough.”

Catherine, Hong Kong

“I have been seeing Michelle now for almost 3 years. After meeting her at an event she was running I decided to sign up for her empowerment program. Shortly after beginning the program, an immediate family member was diagnosed with a terminal illness which needless to say was incredibly challenging…in hindsight I am so thankful that I had already connected with Michelle as she was there for me every step of the way as I navigated the grief, pain and frustration that comes with a bereavement. My weekly sessions with Michelle during this period provided me with much needed comfort as well as a safe space to explore the difficult emotions I was experiencing.

Throughout my sessions with Michelle, I have identified and removed lifelong self-beliefs that were holding me back from reaching my potential. Even before the events of the last few years, I was living from a place of fear, self-doubt and criticism. I had been struggling with anxiety since I was a teenager, and I had always believed that my emotional sensitivity was a negative thing, allowing others to attach labels to my personality as I grew up. I was stuck in pattern of self-sabotaging everything from relationships to my own goals. I was also suffering from chronic physical issues such as fatigue and digestive issues.

3 years later, it is hard to believe how far I have come in every sense. Being human I still have days where things are tough, and I am at times still grieving for my loss. However I now have a bank of tools and strategies to help me get though, not to mention the faith and belief I have in myself and my abilities. I have embraced my emotional sensitivity and I certainly don’t apologise for it anymore! I have been able to tap into all the things that make me ‘me’, I have prioritised space in my life to pay attention to the things that make me tick and this has had a huge positive impact on my life. My relationships have also massively benefited from my personal growth and awareness and acceptance of who I really am.

Michelle is a healer in every sense of the word. She has a unique way of helping you to discover the real you, while removing emotional blockages that have been in the way. Under Michelle’s guidance, you discover things about yourself you would never have known otherwise. She exudes calmness and light and never judges.

I am so grateful to have crossed paths with you Michelle, not only have you helped me to get through the toughest time of my life but you have also helped me to realise my self-worth and to reach my potential. I can’t thank you enough.”

Katie, Teacher HK

“What began as a frivolous search for crystals, ended in an awesome healing journey for myself. It was no accident that I met Michelle at one of the most challenging times of my life, her warmth and genuine care for her clients really shines through in her sessions. The changes that occurred in me over the course of her empowerment program were nothing short of a miracle and I would highly recommend it.”


“Everyone should have a Michelle in their life. I’ve been on a journey to find myself and transform my life and I can’t thank the universe enough for leading me to her. She has been the perfect companion on my life journey and with her unique spiritual gifts, psychic insights and gentleness has helped me to unblock parts of me that I needed to bring into awareness and heal, so that I now feel empowered to fully embrace the next chapter of my life. I can’t imagine not working with her as I go forwards. I cannot recommend her more highly”


“I was just thinking yesterday about the healing I got from our sessions! I really am so glad I met you and got to experience such deep healing, inspiration and connectedness through your guidance .. and your calling. Thanks for always sharing yourself so beautifully. You always inspire me…”

Jill M

“My work with Michelle over the last 3 years has been integral to the successes I am experiencing in my life right now – my loving relationship, the positive relationship with my family, my professional career, my fertility & now blooming pregnancy, and above all, the relationship with myself… yes, really, all those things and more. Although Michelle’s work may first appear to the uninitiated as “fairy dust and crystals”, it is rooted in important and deep work on self, from which everything grows.

With Michelle’s guidance, I have learned to nurture my relationship with the self, clearing negative energies, and building new pathways which have allowed me to attract more positive energies into my life, resolve conflict and forge a path forward where there had at times seemed to be none.
I highly recommend Michelle, and her divine work. She is an important partner for anyone looking to bring deep and lasting change in their life.”

Rachel, USA

“I am thankful to meet Michelle and have the opportunity to benefit on many levels. Her energy work helped me to ground myself/our family at our new city Hong Kong, connect with myself and my children at a deeper and healthy way. I am regularly doing the self practices she taught me. It has become part of my daily routine. It gives me the space, patience and silence to be with it, accept and carry out my daily decisions at much effective level with a positive attitude. Very thankful for sharing your gift with me, Michelle!”

D.I, Hong Kong

“I was introduced to Michelle by my best friend who asked me to join her in a crystal healing class a year ago. I instantly felt a really deep connection with her…

So fast forward a year later and having sessions with Michelle on a regular basis, she has helped me greatly to understand better who I am as a person and what I am capable of. She has guided me to really look into myself to also deal with matters that were left far back in my mind that I had not wanted to deal with. We have shifted blockages particularly in love and to attracting the right partner for me, and I am now happy to share I have attracted my soul mate! Michelle has allowed me to really grow as a person, as a friend, as a daughter and as a partner. I am forever grateful to her.”

Selena Larner, Teacher

“I originally went to Michelle for a personal healing session but now visit her on a scheduled basis as my energy-business coach / healer. Everyone should have a Michelle :). The more work that I do within me on abundance, harmony, love – the more my life changes and what is really cool, so does my business. As a Leader, I am the emotional barometer of the firm so me being optimistic, enthusiastic and passionate unlocks my team’s potentials in so many ways. Happiness is infectious. I love it! Thank you Michelle.”

Mum & Entrepreneur, HK

“Michelle is absolutely wonderful, understanding, empowering and thoughtful in her approach to each person. Highly recommend her!”

Mum and Entrepreneur, Hong Kong

“I cannot believe how much better I feel after seeing you yesterday. I came feeling heavy with burdens and left feeling ready to get back to work with renewed purpose and motivation.”

Mother and entrepreneur, HK

“My kids enjoy Michelle’s meditation class and Michelle has helped immensely in private sessions with creating and encouraging energy shifts and helping me let go of what is no longer serving me, and opening me up to the ‘lessons’ (gifts of learning). We’ve covered a lot of territory in only a few sessions! Highly recommend.”

Melissa, HK

“Thank you…. I feel a real sense of rejuvenation. More energized with a sense of purpose. We get so caught up in the routines and daily chaos of life … But I really value our sessions. I just feel I haven’t really conveyed the depth of my appreciation for all your guidance, insight and help. You give me a renewed sense of hope. Thank you, thank you , thank you.”

Lawyer, HK

“I came across Michelle by accident. I had just met my client for the first time and she was telling me about a spiritual healer in Hong Kong. My client was talking about skyping her from New York to Hong Kong and having healing energies over the phone. I have to admit I was totally skeptic!!! There was no chance that I thought this person, Michelle, could help me, needless to say over the phone. I was at my all time low. I felt like my marriage was over, I have 2 kids, and I needed to get back to work but had no idea what I wanted to do or where to begin… My client would rave about Michelle!! I thought to myself I have to try her… how could it possibly work?

Needless to say I got a bunch of sessions with Michelle. After my first session it was a done deal, Michelle took me places I never knew existed. She helped me through breathing and healing techniques and got me where I need to be to see everything with clarity! Not even 2 months later my energy has opened up to the universe and it’s as if everything has been falling into place. I have multiple interviews and taking it one step and a time. And I realized my soul mate was right in front or my eyes!!! I used to be such a skeptic and judge more than anyone I know and now I couldn’t be more open minded!!! I strongly recommend these sessions for anyone, it changed my life!!!!

A. Lombardo, New York, USA

“I am blessed and honoured to have worked with Michelle periodically over the past 12 months. Each time, she helps me remove an obstacle I had trouble removing on my own. Each time, the session has been unique in revealing new parts of my soul and spirit I didn’t know existed. Each time, I move up a level. Michelle lends herself to your healing process by allowing herself to be used as a “vehicle” for this process. She encourages you to access, and recognize your own healing power and has given me the courage and strength to realize that I can heal myself. Add on to this, her use of visualizations and crystals during the healing session and you have a deeply impactful, growing, experience for those open to experience it. The result is that I am more confident in being my true self – both inside and out.”

Finance Consultant, Hong Kong

“I was front row for your class this past Sunday at IRIS and I was moved away! I had such a surreal experience both physically and mentally. My heart was soaring with energy and I had tingles run through my fingers. Mentally I felt light and grateful for the experience. Thank you!”

Career Coach, HK (attendee Healing & Empowerment meditation class at IRIS wellness festival)

“Michelle helped me to find and remember the sacred real part of myself that I lost along the way. Now reminded of my true self, I feel empowered and ready to progress into a new phase of life. I’m no longer afraid but excited of what lies ahead. I am so grateful for Michelle and the work we have done together. Everyone should have a Michelle in their life.”

Kirsten Zaki

“Thanks michelle! This is amazing, since I have been working with you, my biggest challenge at work is gone and I am moving to a new house!”

W. Chan

“I had been thinking about seeing Michelle for a couple of years. I finally made an appointment to see her and I wish I had done it sooner. I originally went to her as I had been suffering with chronic gut inflammation – which other treatments had not been able to shift. Michelle articulates things so well to help me understand and over a few sessions we looked at the ‘root cause’. She has managed to really get to the heart of me and made me feel stronger about what I want in life and how to go about this. I had felt stuck for a long time. But I actually now feel free! My gut inflammation has decreased and my bloated tummy reduced by 2 inches!

I still have work to do and despite being on the other side of the world now, I will continue to have sessions with Michelle as I am confident she can continue to help me on my journey.”


“Michelle is a warm person who truly cares about her clients. Working with her over the past year has been a life changing experience for me… I have finally begun to live my life as me…

I had been feeling pretty lost for some time. I was caught in a cycle of highs and lows, crashing and burning after I had worked so hard to achieve something which I thought would bring me happiness. I did not believe I had intuition and struggled making decisions. I had a deep belief in ‘ God’ and beings beyond this universe, but I was not connected. And last but not least, I did not have trust in myself and lacked self confidence.

Through this journey with Michelle, I have completely changed and can honestly say I am now an intuitive, confident, spiritual person who realises self love. The technique of healing, meditation, symbols and her use of crystals, has been a wonderful method to understanding myself, what I need and what I need to do to get there; as well as an aid to bring me balance. I have learned to do this through Michelle’s guidance which has clearly been an invaluable gift for my own well being; but also a tool I have leveraged with my own family -successfully helping to guide my children through their fears and concerns.

I am so grateful to Michelle, and for the work that she does helping others.”

K. Mother of 2, Hong Kong.

“Thank you again so much for your guidance and help over the last few years – you are a wonderful healer and just being in your presence makes us calmer and connected.”

Marie, Fashion Designer, HK (now France)

“The first time I met Michelle was at one of Women’s Empowerment Days that she so expertly organises. I was dealing with some very recent grief which she could sense, but was also very warm and compassionate and I knew I was keen on working further with her to get my ‘happy’ back. Michelle and I worked over six sessions to heal many areas of my life as well as intergenerational and collective energies. She is so intuitive, gentle and the perfect spiritual healer and teacher for anyone interested in becoming more present, experiencing greater joy and understanding your purpose and living it. Her genuine concern for her clients is obvious.

I recommend her work, and I am sure she and I will have more sessions in the future.”

Claire McLennan, Hong Kong

“Michelle’s treatment has certainly been instrumental in helping me find the next steps along my journey…During the sessions I received meaningful and relevant information and felt an immense amount of energy, as if I was floating in the air… Since then, I have had great clarity and focus in my work actions. Michelle has an immediate sense of calmness about her which facilitates the whole healing process and I look forward to another opportunity to learn from her. Thanks Michelle!

Sian, Shanghai (now UK)

“I have come to know Michelle through a friend. At that time, I was in despair after my fourth unsuccessful ivf, and I almost gave up trying to conceive with my own eggs. I was starting to look for egg donor. My friend thought there must have been some blockages and recommended Michelle to help me clear them. I was a bit worried because I am not living in Hong Kong, and was not sure how the sessions would be conducted etc. After the first session on Skype, I immediately felt better, calmer, and more positive about conceiving. After 6 sessions with Michelle, I miraculously conceived naturally! It was so indescribably amazing! I couldn’t thank her enough for her kind and compassionate guidance and for her powerful sessions. In my next trip to Hong Kong after my baby is born, I can’t wait to bring my baby to go visit auntie Michelle:) “

Client in Bangkok, Thailand

“Thanks Michelle! I have been joyful, hopeful and bubbly since I saw you on Saturday! It’s an amazing transition from super depressed to elated… I am attracting more harmony at work and with the patients too :)”

Medical Physician, Hong Kong

“Michelle is able to see and feel the unseen. She is able to tap into the space in between. When you start on a journey with Michelle to seek your true self through her intuitive counseling and energy healing, you can be sure that you will find your authentic self. You will let go of ego and let go of all that no longer serves you. You can know that spirit speaks to you as a true friend speaks to you. Her guidance will bring tears and smiles as you recognise your truth. You will feel the power as you seek and find your strength. All things become possible as you trust in that, that is. You find yourself stepping up and knowing that you are in the right place at the right time. You are one with all that is….”

A teacher in Hong Kong, who is so grateful.

“I started taking Skype consultations with Michelle a year ago. At the beginning it was hard going and I was very sceptical. I was at my all time low with a fully blown mid-life crisis in every aspect of my life. As energy layers unraveled and cleansed I discovered powers I never believed or knew I had. There is still a lot of work to be done, and one has to be patient for change to occur, but I am finding joy and light easily in all areas of my life. I know that the Universe will always take care of me. I know big changes are rife in their own divine time, but I am so much more ready to receive and appreciate them fully. I highly recommend Michelle’s sessions”.

A searcher of wisdom and truth, Bangkok

“I am so blessed to have Michelle to guide me to grow spiritually. I have attended 3 stages of Draco Healing Program, and when I knew about the Empowerment Program, it didn’t take me long to decide that I wanted to enrol in it. This is something that I have been thinking about for a little while – To learn from a spiritual teacher over a period of time, to be guided, to build on what I have learned, to solidify (or clarify) techniques and knowledge, to customize for my personal spiritual development…

I have just finished 5 sessions (there are 12 sessions altogether) with Michelle. I found I have already clarified some deeper issues, some misbeliefs are now known and clarified, and improvement is obvious. What I learned from books or from others, I see I actually share the same misbeliefs in my own unique way.

There were many challenges in my personal life, and the Empowerment Program has come at the right time to help me understand the deeper issues. The first session was to establish the goals of the program, and the inner enquiry/guided meditation we did clarified a certain energy/behavior that have created my challenges. Things then have happened amazingly. My sessions are usually on Saturday, and events or dreams have tended to happen a few days before the session to allow me to settle a bit before the actual session. For example, I either bumped in to people involved, or I had dreams which were relevant to the upcoming session. Things time itself perfectly. Michelle has also guided me through healing to the happenings of past life, or to communicate with my soul which have had similar experiences in the past leading to the misbeliefs. I have then been guided to surround the energy by love to let go of these experiences… to resolve them.
After 5 sessions, I am now allowing more love, and the level of acceptance is a lot greater. I look forward to the rest of my sessions. 🙂 “

K. H. Hong Kong

“I have been seeing Michelle for about a year now. What I love about our sessions together is that I feel empowered and excited each time to go deeper within and to do the work necessary to unblock and remove what might be keeping me from living my best life and reaching my full potential. Michelle has an innate gift for being able to guide me to the answers that are already within me and to tap into a wealth of guidance that has truly helped me in my own business, my relationships and being a mother to my young children. Her refreshingly honest and authentically spiritual approach has greatly helped me to trust a lot more in my own daily ‘downloads’ (intuition) as I like to refer to them. Her sessions are not only soul feeding, they are soul essential and can move your life forward in ways you may never have thought possible.

If you are reading this you are likely contemplating seeing Michelle. Without hesitation I say please do it! She is incredibly ‘in tune’ and will make you feel very comfortable and at ease. Attending a session with her just might be the best thing you have done for yourself in a very long time. It was and still is for me.”

Mumtrepreneur, HK

“The Empowerment Program has taken me to another level of spiritual development. I have had great experiences. I have got to know my inner self and the recognition that I am not Separated from the Source. I connected to ‘home’. I am now much more mindful of the “present moment”.

After setting the intentions and affirmations for the program, in each session, we resolved a blockage or a misconception to take me towards realizing my goals. There were so many times that I felt I lacked strength and courage, wanting to run away from facing the issues, but Michelle always had a way to guide me through it 🙂 Having a customized program like this is like having a turbo engine for my spiritual development…

I am seeing the benefits and so I am now on my second round of the program! For the first round, I chose general areas and now in this second round I am focusing on a specific area in my life. I am already feeling the benefits – others are noticing the changes in me too!

By taking the program, I have gained knowledge through my own experience. The knowledge that I have heard of or read from books, I have now experienced it myself. It has fundamentally changed my earth belief systems, the heart is more open and I am more peaceful.”

K, Manager, HK

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