We all have the potential to have a great life.

To live the life of our dreams, to be happy, feel loved, be successful, healthy and fulfilled…

Whilst empowerment can mean different things to different people, over the many years in the healing profession, I have learned a great deal about empowerment through my own journey – as well as through guiding others to do the same for themselves.

Empowerment to me goes beyond self confidence, goal-setting and feeling in control of your life…

It means to be true to you and living your life as you see fit. Knowing you have the ability and power to manifest to your full potential – and to be, do, have and create, whatever it is you want to be, do, have and create..

Empowerment means you know who you are on a deeper level and that you own your true, authentic power. It is knowing that source of power comes through connecting with your soul core self, love and inner light.

When you are truly empowered, you shine from inside out. You have an energy and step, and that energy and power carries and propels you forward. You find that that you easily flow with life and all that you are creating. You create the balance, connect the practical with the spiritual, and address your needs physically, mentally and emotionally.

Through an inner confidence, you have a quiet strength that feels unshakeable even in the midst of difficulties. It’s as if you are also standing tall with your head up high saying to the world ‘This is me!’, and are proud of who you are and what you have to offer.

You own your own ‘space’, are clear in your boundaries, but respect others and their choices. You radiate self-love, and helping others is a natural extension of that love and core solid foundation of inner empowerment. You feel a deeper inner peace and create more harmony in your relationships.

As the Empowered You, what you do in the world is an extension of who you are and what you love to do. It is an outpouring of love manifested in physical action and in what you create. You naturally choose work that feels more like ‘play’ and that you enjoy; which is an expression of your Core Self, your creativity, your natural talents and gifts.

The Empowered You always feels good about their choices, makes decisions aligned to inner truth, and honors self as well as others.  It’s intention is based in unity and community, and seeks to make a meaningful contribution to the lives of All.

How does Empowerment feel to you?

Next week we go deeper, when I share how I went from powerlessness to Empowerment –  and how you can too!

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With Love,
Founder – Michelle Harris International