“Just surrender”
“Accept what is”
“Its all about acceptance”

…are some of the phrases you may have heard countless times especially in the personal development field.

I’ve used them myself many times, but when I took a step back, I asked myself – what do they really mean?

Many spiritual teachings talk about the ability to release tension through ‘dropping’ into the flow of the moment. The ability to meet life just as it is, and therefore come into an acceptance of what the present moment brings you.

But why would we do that?

Not only does it bring relaxation into the body (the being) it also stops the body coming into a stress response, where we ‘flip’ into fight or flight mode and therefore ‘meet’ life from a place of fear, possible anguish, dread, tension and resistance. In this ‘tight’ space, we can ‘react’ in a way that might not meet the best response to the given situation. It’s also not healthy for the body to be in this continual stress and tension.

Acceptance is not a passive term to mean others take advantage of you. I have always been pretty accepting. But for me, it has meant others have often sought to take advantage of me. It was only when I had confidence and empowerment to express myself, that I realised that acceptance, met with empowerment, means you are not just a wet blanket and everyone can tread all over you. It means accepting situations as they are, but using that empowerment to choose what to do with it. It means accepting how you truly feel and expressing yourself accordingly. It means accepting another’s choices and behaviors, but possibly walking away anyway. You don’t judge or resist what is happening; but you accept how you truly feel and take the appropriate action that you feel is right for you and for the circumstances that you are in at that moment.

Acceptance to me is therefore a non resistance. It’s the opening of your heart, mind and soul to each experience, with non judgment – including the inner experiences, as well as what you witness in your outer experiences.

I think of surrender as a true spiritual-soul understanding and experience to really ‘feel’ the true source of your self, your true power, and your true connection to the Divine you. A term that literally means a ‘giving up’ to something, I see it as an aligning of our personality self to your Higher Self. That our ego aspects (born from fear and resistance), are aligned/evolved/integrated into into our Higher aspects. It takes a process of refining and ‘dropping’ the illusions, patterns, limiting thoughts and energies that keep us locked in fear, (and accepting parts of self too), to truly be in surrender to the truth of who you are.

Surrender to me therefore, is the aligning to our true essence, and we accept parts of ourselves to get to that…

So what about surrendering to life, to our experiences? Is that the same as acceptance?

Somewhat, yes.

But for me, surrendering to life and experiences brings with it the deeper aspects of your inner most knowing, true faith and complete trust, that you are truly part of Source energy. It’s like a whole body/being experience, from love, acceptance, trust, faith and belief, in knowing who you are and that you are safe, taken care of, and all is well. It’s living from the ‘quality’ of acceptance, with non judgement and an open heart and mind – but, also a true openness to allowing that Source light, love and energy to flow through you.

Surrender therefore, to me, is deeper than acceptance and yet encompasses acceptance..

  • With acceptance you meet and connect with, the reality of this moment.
  • With surrender you transcend the ego and connect with something bigger. You experience the Oneness, and therefore feel the encompassing ‘acceptance’ of ALL on many levels.

Practise accepting and surrendering today, and notice how you feel.

Here are some tips:

  • Every morning set the intention to allow acceptance and surrender to life
  • When you meet with a situation, tune into your body and notice how it feels. Is it tense? Are you ‘holding’ fear or anger or any other emotion in your being? Can you choose to just ‘drop’ it and let it go?
  • If you feel a tightness in your body, bring your attention to it and simply say: “ I accept you just as you are’ and feel yourself loosen into the energy as you CHOOSE to accept it in that moment.
  • Spend 5 – 10 minutes each day in a relaxed, meditative space and focus on the centre of your chest. Call forth your ‘True Divine essence” and Soul. Sit in the inner peace, silence and stillness.
  • And/or go outside in Nature and tap into the silence between the noises. Expand that feeling inside of you and feel and know you are part of Oneness of Life.
  • Breathe into the centre of your chest and notice the rise and fall of your breath. Just focus on your breathing. This brings you into present moment awareness, and acceptance of ‘what is’ right now.

Hope you found this helpful. With love,